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Ultra Light Aircrafts CAN-BUS based Avionic System

The system is based on a modular structure made-up by several blocks which correspond to their physical counterparts:
  • A Data Acquisition Unit is responsible of the acquisition and elaboration of the entire data set from engine, avionic probes and sensors; data is stored on the onboard mass memory
  • Processed Data is visualized on High Brightness LCD monitors (LED lamp and 1000-1500 nits) equipped with a graphical computer
  • The whole system is controlled by a control unit placed on the central part of the dashboard
  • Each module can be redundant simply adding an identical component on the system net
  • Three main buses are identified:
    • Engine CAN-BUS used to acquire data from the two Electronic Control Units
    • The Visualization subnet based on a standard industrial LAN network
    • Power subsystem which is also managed by the Data Acquisition System


2D main views, when visualization systems are controlled simultaneously the default views set is:
  • Attitude and position on pilot side display
  • Engine information on passenger side display

Attitude and Position are provided by integrated IMU and GPS receiver which are based on high performance COTS components.

Data Acquisition Unit is also in charge of performing Attitude Estimation by using Kalman Filter Algorithms already tested in several aeronautical (UAVs, rovers) and space applications.


2D views, when visualization systems are controlled separately different views can be selected:

  • Attitude and engine main data
  • Attitude and on-board flight computer data


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