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Bi-Axial Sun Sensor

Spacecraft Subsystems

ALMASpace Bi-Axial Sun Sensor is a low cost attitude determination device suitable both for LEO and GEO orbits. Each Sun Sensor group is capable to estimate the Satellite-to-Sun vector with 0.1° (down to 0.01° when the sun radiation is perpendicular to the sensor surface) of accuracy.

Bi-Axial Sun Sensor

The SunSensor digital data output can be selected among ALMASpace CanBus standard protocol, I2C bus or RS232 port. The standard data output is represented by the three components of the Satellite-to-Sun vector and the figure of merit of measurement accuracy.

Bi-Axial Sun Sensor

The SunSensor system can be controlled by external devices in order to modify the sensitivity to sunlight and power light threshold. ALMASpace BiAxial SunSensor is a PSD based system, with a wide angle optical frontend able to guarantee an increased precision, radiation power, and field of view.

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