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ALMASim is a software tool developed in MATLAB/Simulink language where is possible to simulate the operative condition of a satellite, for attitude and orbit determination and control purposes.

The simulation tool has been used for the ALMASat-1 mission and during the implementation of the following satellite for earth observation called ALMASat-EO.


The output of the simulation tool is selectable and it depends on the analysis requested. As far as the ADCS is concerned, the implementation of a means of validation of the manufactured hardware and control laws through Hardware and Software In-the-Loop (HIL and SIL) simulations and the plays a crucial role. By using ALMASim is possible to perform both HIL and SIL analyses.

ALMASim tracking

ALMASim can be also used to support many different activities such as mission analysis,  tracking simulation, power budget evaluation and thermal analysis. 

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