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Adapters & Separation Systems

Adapters and Separation Systems

ALMASpace Adapter and Separation System has been designed to preserve the integrity and the efficiency of the spacecraft during launch and perform a correct separation capable to grant safe operations of the spacecraft in orbit.

The general architecture selected for this interface is the classical cylindrical canister adapter with a 2-clamps or 4-clamps constraining system. This solution, common for micro- and nano- satellites, has a wide flight heritage, is simple and affordable and could be easily implemented for a wide range of launch vehicles including European Space Agency’s VEGA, Indian Space Research Organization’s PSLV and ISC Kosmotras’s DNEPR launch vehicles.

ALMASpace AD-SS 35ALMASpace AD-SS 200

To reduce the power consumption and enhance the system reliability and safety, the release clamps are retained by Non-Explosive electro-mechanical Actuators (NEA) that allow to preload two couples of springs, one pair for each clamp, until the separation signal is obtained by the avionics of the launch vehicle.

Once the clamps are extended, and the clamp springs relaxed, four springs with additional PTFE pads, push the satellite and separates it from the launch vehicle applying a fixedvelocity. A pair of redundant micro-switches provides the exact separation time for telemetry and separation data acquisition.

Specific structural optimization processes can be implemented during final design phases of custom devices in presence of severe overall weight constraints.


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